Administrative Investigations and Proceedings

Employment law claims are unique and there are many requirements that must be satisfied in order to successfully pursue such claims.  As an example, if you are an individual planning to file a lawsuit to challenge an unlawful employment practice, such as workplace discrimination, you must first file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Texas Workforce Commission-Civil Rights Division (TWC-CRD).  Further complicating matters, the anti-discrimination laws provide strict deadlines for filing administrative charges.  Generally, the deadline in Texas for filing most employment discrimination claims with the TWC-HRD is a mere 180 days from the date the discrimination took place.   Under federal law, an individual may have up to 300 days from the date of the discrimination to file a charge with the EEOC. In some cases, the deadlines are even shorter. 

Not only must the charge be timely filed, but the claims asserted in the charge must be complete and accurate.  The charge of discrimination is a critically important document, which forms the basis of any future lawsuit. If any claims are omitted from the charge, an individual will likely be prevented from asserting those claims in the future.

The administrative process is complex and difficult to navigate.  Caycedo Law, P.C. has years of experience defending employers before administrative agencies and assisting individuals with filing and prosecuting administrative charges.  If you are an individual interested in pursuing a charge of discrimination or a small business looking for assistance with an administrative investigation, contact Caycedo Law, P.C. and let us provide you the experience and guidance you need.

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