Small Business Services

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Small Business Services

The demands placed on small business owners are extraordinary and can seem overwhelming at times. In addition to all the day-to-day operational and financial concerns, small businesses are also required to comply with a multitude of laws governing the workplace, including anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, and record keeping regulations.  Failing to adhere to these laws and regulations can result in significant penalties and may ultimately force a company out of business.

As an example, many employees often raise concerns regarding their work hours and wages.  While many of these concerns can be handled proactively and with minimal time and expense, if ignored such issues may result in a government investigation or lawsuit.  Common missteps that may result in liability for wage and hour violations include: (1) misclassifying an individual as an independent contract, rather than a regular employee (2) failing to pay overtime; and (3) failing to maintain records required by the law.  Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), individuals have the right to file a private cause of action to seek unpaid and due wages for a period of two (or three years if it was a willful violation), an amount of money equal to the unpaid wages as liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees.  Additionally, a manager or small business owner may be individually liable if he or she exercised control over the individual’s work hours and pay.  In short, even the smallest errors in wage and hour matters, can result in significant liability for the business and even the business owner.

Regardless the size of their business, business owners should seek competent and experienced legal counsel to help review any existing policies and practices and provide guidance moving forward.  Francisco J. Caycedo, the founding shareholder of Caycedo Law, P.C., offered advice, counsel, and legal representation to Fortune 500 companies for several years.  He now brings his experience and knowledge to assist small business owners at an affordable price.  You do not have to be a large company to obtain quality legal representation.  If you are a small business owner in need of representation or are just seeking advice and counsel, contact Caycedo Law, P.C. today to schedule and appointment.

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